Available to factions: Legion. ( Mountain clans & Forsaken ).

Location: Armor Cliff

Quest giver: Vermund

Icon daily quest available
Initial dialog:

We had hoped to find food in our enemies' lands, but because we are forced to wait, we have to eat whatever we can manage to find.

Those who are free from camp construction and guard duty hunt wild fowl in the local woods. An extra piece of meat is never bad, and we must provide wood in time... You'd really help all of us by hunting down thirty boars. Of course, you cannot drag their bodies to the camp, so bring me at least their hearts - the warriors believe that if you eat a boar's heart while it's still warm, you'll inherit its wrath and strength...

Icon daily quest complete
Completion dialog:

Now my people will collect the bodies of the boars you've killed - this meat should be enough for my warriors to eat a good broth tomorrow! It's good that the Forsaken don't need food at least, he-he... I'll hand these hearts to the warriors who need to strengthen their spirits...

Quest requirements:

Collect 30 Wild boar hearts


Icon experience


Icon gold


Icon guild points

Guild Points:

Items: 3x Travelling porridge
Travelling porridge
Icon travelling porridge



Level requirements:


Item type:



Refills 1096 health points.

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