Available to factions: Legion. ( Mountain clans & Forsaken ).

Location: Ash-Merran

Quest giver: Vargas

Icon daily quest available
Initial dialog:

As you were able to notice, many ogres carry the polished skulls of the enemies they kill with them.

They imagine life as an endless competition of strength and dexterity. Killing their own kind is allowed if it's committed with proper wit and cruelty. I want you to bring me three dozens of these skulls. Take them from the guard and warriors of the Darmah Tribe. But none of them will give you this trophy with a whole skin.

Icon daily quest complete
Completion dialog:

The ogres have a much stronger will to live than humans or elves. Their relationship to death is also different from any other - perhaps it is a reminder of the distant legends of the highlanders... Well, the emanations of death exhaled by these skulls will make my spells stronger... for some time. Then I'll ask you for help again.

Quest requirements:

Collect 30 Polished skulls


Icon experience


Icon gold


Icon guild points

Guild Points:

Items: 2x Medium tablet of health regeneration
Medium tablet of health regeneration
Icon Medium tablet of health regeneration



Level requirements:


Item type:



Increases health regeneration by 13 for 5 minutes.

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